Chateau Courtyard Chic

9th June 2018

What a fun wedding this was and with full-on input from the groomsmen in terms of setting up – they blew up a lot of balloons – and serving a buck’s fizz as guests as they stepped off the bus. Natalie & Crawford booked us for a Day of Coordination, but we ended up doing quite a bit more in the lead-up, due to a terrible weather forecast (everything was planned to be outside, and there was no rainy day plan in place and too many guests to place in the Chateau’s reception room in the Stables) which stayed like that until the day before. We were so lucky on the day with glorious weather and on the Sunday too for the BBQ down by the pool. The pretty ceremony where balloons were the theme (the story of two balloons was a touching reading during their ceremony) took place in the Chateau’s ‘Fairy Glade’ with the cocktail reception, dinner and dancing in the two adjoining courtyards directly in front of the Chateau and Stables. Martini Espressos no doubt helped to fuel the fantastic dance competition that took place after the sun went down – see the video below – which had everyone in fits of laughter. A real upbeat wedding, that buzzed from beginning to end.

Reception: Chateau Dumas, Tarn & Garonne, Occitanie

Number of guests: 130

Service provided: Day of Coordination

Photographer: Emil Boczek, Midlands, UK with several photos by Noble Nuptials
Videographer: Story Cabin, Midlands, UK