Venue Consultancy

Are you interested in finding out if your property is suitable as a wedding venue? Would you like advice on how to get your property ready for an At-Home family wedding, or to become a fully fledged wedding venue with a stunning set of publicity photographs? Years of working with established wedding venues of all shapes and sizes, as well as organising and styling weddings and events at people’s homes, has enabled us to create a venue consultancy service for anyone needing help in this area.

If you are thinking about hiring your property out as a venue, this service will also give you the knowledge required to answer any questions you may be asked by potential clients relating to price and suitability for the size of their event.

Following a complimentary Skype/phone call, to find out a little more about the property and what you have planned, we can arrange an in-depth site visit which will cover the following areas:

At-Home Wedding & Wedding Venue

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Electricity, sanitary, catering, cold storage, lighting & parking assessment, with options on how to deal with these via temporary (hire) suppliers if a more permanent solution is not viable at this moment in time.


We can walk round the property and give possible options for the location of the ceremony, reception and evening festivities. A rainy day plan can also be offered. If this is a marquee/stretch canvas attached to the property, we can provide you with a list of companies who can help.


The max capacity we feel the venue can handle comfortably. If you have an indoor reception space, such as a barn for example, we can tell you how many tables (round/rectangular) you can place inside and the number of people it will take seated and standing for the ceremony, meal, band/DJ & dancing.

For wedding venues, if you are unable to provide furniture with the venue – as is often the case – we can give you a list of companies who can help with this.

“Noble Nuptials planned and delivered our perfect wedding from start to finish. Hannah listened so carefully to what we wanted and came up with different options at every stage and managed to navigate the obstacles that come with an ‘at home’ wedding with such ease!” Ellie & David, September 2018

Price: 250€ For couples who choose to sign a contract with us for any wedding planning services booked at a later date, this fee will be reimbursed. An estimated budget breakdown is also included in this price.

Wedding Venue

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Time spent looking at how best to market your property as a wedding venue and advice on rates.

Full (entire venue, including bedrooms, bathrooms etc) or partial (ceremony and reception areas) styling and photographic service, with decor, fresh flowers, props and models if required. Great for new venues who have yet to host an event or for more established ones looking to stand out from the crowd with a fresh new look.  Please contact us for links to websites showing the work we have already done in this area.

The Booking Process

This is what is known in the industry as the ‘Bridal Journey.’ Marketing gets you leads, but converting them is where many venues tend to fall down. We will look at what you currently have in place for this and can advise on areas where we feel you could improve. If you don’t have anything at all, we will advise you on how best to do this.

In a nutshell, this is the A-Z of the booking process. Couples expect fast response times and a certain amount of information on the property (amongst other things), as soon as they enquire. You also need to collate as much info on the couple and what they have in mind for the day (numbers, dates, flexibility on dates etc) as soon as they enquire.


An in-depth written report with our recommendations on everything we have discussed and the contacts of any suppliers you may require to continue your journey.

Zoom/Skype/phone call to answer any further questions you may have.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

As the in-house wedding and venue consultant for French Wedding Venues, Hannah is able help with the placement of your venue on this site for marketing purposes. Please contact for more details.