Lavender with a Sea of Sunflowers At-Home Wedding

21st, 22nd & 23rd July 2017

The inspiration behind this wedding was nature itself. Natasha & Sjoerd wanted to keep everything as ‘natural’ and as simple as possible, with their key requests being that everything take place out in the open, with amazing lighting, sunflowers for the ceremony, white roses and lots and lots of greenery and candles for the reception. The ceremony & cocktail reception (with a Gypsy Jazz Trio) took place in a woodland clearing, a short walk from the chateau, and the wedding breakfast on the lawn in front. The were so many personal touches: a welcome sign featured a logo designed for the couple by one of Natasha’s friends and the bar, ‘The Whippet Inn,’ (featuring the family’s whippets) was again especially created for them by the Chateau’s guardians. The couple were keen that their guests had a little souvenir of their stay in SW France, so Vintage postcards with hand-dyed silk from Paris for name cards/favors were sourced from a local Brocante. The Sunday saw a very informal brunch in front of the Chateau with croissants, crepes, fried eggs, French Toast and freshly ground coffee.

Ceremony & Reception: Chateau Plombis, Tarn & Garonne, Occitanie, France

Number of guests: 150

Service provided: Bespoke Planning, Design and Coordination – Games Day, Welcome Reception, Wedding & Brunch

Photographer: Karolina B, Toulouse

Press: Madame C